Northern Virginia Pre-Employment & Polygraph Services


The Northern Virginia Pre-Employment and Polygraph Services offers many different types of service based on several different categories. Click on the title of the category for more information.

Courtroom Scene

The power of polygraph for a defense attorney’s has little or nothing to do with its admissibility. Rather, the power is found daily in negotiations and case building outside of the courtroom.

So much of the discussion surrounding polygraph and the law revolves around admissibility. The quick answer to the admissibility question is that polygraph results are sometimes admitted as evidence in court and many times are not.

But all that discussion really misses the point. Why worry about the courtroom when the vast majority of criminal cases never see the courtroom?

Wise attorneys have learned to utilize polygraph to aid in their case prior to trial, many times making a trial no longer necessary. Polygraph can and has been used successfully to:

  • Convince the prosecutors the charges against your client are unfounded
  • Determine if your client would fair well if offered a police polygraph
  • Obtain a more favorable plea-bargain and sentence
  • Determine if your client is one of the truly innocent victims of false charges
  • Diminish the credibility of the prosecutors witnesses
  • Raise doubts about the alleged victims truthfulness
Firefighters and Police Officer

We consider pre-employment polygraph testing for government related jobs a priority because we understand these applicants today will someday be the men and women who hold our own lives in their hands.

Conscientious, thorough and impartial. This is how we define our pre-employment polygraph testing.

Conscientious: We hold a high level of respect for the positions these applicants will fill and give each applicant our level best.

Thorough: We are convinced the majority of mistakes made in pre-employment polygraph tests are due to lack of attention to details and cutting corners. Pre-employment tests are difficult. They require long days of discussing the more unsavory details of an applicant's past to determine risk, detailed written reports of the findings, including all pertinent admissions and pre-employment tests typically pay far less than other types of polygraph testing. Without an examiner's conscious effort to combat an attitude of mundane routine, it is easy to make careless mistakes and become complacent, which can result in less than accurate polygraph results. Conducting a careless polygraph test is not an option for us because we remain aware that the applicant in our polygraph suite may someday save our own life or the life of someone we love.

Impartial: We show dignity and respect to all applicants regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. We covet the opportunity to conduct pre-employment testing for any of the following positions:

  • Police Officers
  • Deputy Sheriffs
  • Corrections Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Armored Vehicle Drivers
  • Pharmaceutical Personnel
Family Conflict

Nagging doubts surface, accusations fly, bad feelings spread and conflict obliterates the peaceful home you once enjoyed. Love is still present, but trust seems hard to find.

Whether you are the accuser, the accused, or stuck in the middle, if trust in your home has eroded, finding the missing element of truth with a polygraph test can be life-giving.

Polygraph can be helpful in a wide variety of family related issues. Take a look at the following list of situations that have been helped and sometimes permanently resolved with a polygraph test.

Teenager Issues

  • Sibling Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • Skipping School
  • Shoplifting Addiction/Denials
  • Illegal Drug Use & Sales
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Issues with Alcohol/Smoking
  • Verbal Abuse Accusations
  • Fighting/Cheating at School
  • School 'Zero Tolerance' Accusations - (There are inherent weaknesses in the zero tolerance policies in schools. They are not well investigated to see if accusations are true. Some innocent kids end up thrown in with guilty ones and have no recourse for their defense. Also, the consequences don't always match the severity of the offense. )
  • Damaged Property (your home, neighbor, extended family)
  • Missing Money or Property (your home, neighbor, extended family)

Other Family Conflict Issues

  • Babysitter Accusations - Theft or Sexual/Physical Abuse
  • Family Reunions - Missing or Damaged Property
  • Housekeeper Accusations - Theft or Sexual/Physical Abuse
  • Parental Neglect of Child
  • Parental Sexual/Physical/Verbal Abuse of Child
  • Extended Family Member Abusing a Child

These are just a few of the more common family issues that can be resolved with a quality polygraph examination. Your situation may be different, but the truth is always the truth.

Relationship Struggle

If you are considering a polygraph test for your relationship, then by definition, either one or both of you has lost the basic level of trust required to be at peace with one another.

Let's be honest. Living with broken or diminished trust erodes the strength of your commitment quickly. The longer the decay continues, the less likely it will be restored. You need to act quickly if you desire to maintain the relationship.

Finding a solid relationship counselor is wise and we urge you to pursue that.

We also know that being in counseling without full disclosure and honesty is not likely to re-establish trust. Neither you nor a counselor can force someone to be truthful. Many times, counselors guide couples to us for a polygraph test when they believe that one or both parties are refusing to fully disclose their behaviors. Wise counselors know that healing cannot begin until all the cards are on the table.

There is power in polygraph: A properly conducted polygraph will give you ground level truth even if that truth is that one party is refusing to be honest. So whether the test is passed or failed, you have at least one piece of truth on which you can begin making healthy decisions for the future.

In case you are wondering if your situation is suitable for testing, here are some common scenarios for which we test regularly:

Ending phone calls quickly scenario: A wife notices her husband quickly ending phone calls when she enters the room and when she asks who it was, the answer just doesn't sound natural and the energy in the room is unsettling to her. Not only that, but he used to leave his cell phone lying around all over the place, but now it is within his reach at all times.

Bad news from trusted friends scenario: A boyfriend begins hearing stories from his friends about how his girl is messing around with other guys at parties when he is not there. She denies it, but the friends telling him this have no reason to lie.

Caught cheating, admits it, but something is still not right months or years later scenario: A husband has an affair and when caught in a lie or several lies, finally admits to it. The wife forgives him and attempts to move on, but for years has this gnawing feeling that there is still more going on that has not been disclosed, especially since he did not admit his infidelity until he was caught.

Re-occurring sex addiction denial scenario: An addiction to pornography is finally revealed in the marriage, the husband sincerely seeks help and things go smoothly for a while. The wife notices that behaviors start changing in that her husband starts spending more time on the computer after she goes to bed. She finally begins to look into what sites he has been visiting and finds porn sites in the history. He says that those must be from their teenage son and that he will talk to their son about it. She is not fooled and needs to find out if his addiction has resurfaced.

Perpetual accusations with no foundation scenario: A wife is constantly accusing her husband of cheating on her because her husband travels for business regularly. The husband does his best to convince her these accusations are unfounded and even switches jobs to be home more, but the accusations continue. The husband finally tells her he will take a polygraph test to prove he is faithful, and that when he passes, she must stop with the accusations or seek help.

There are a hundred more scenarios, but the important point is that trust has eroded and you should act, rather than just accuse or be accused, to save your relationship.

Man in Cuffs

Around 90,000 cases of sexual assault are reported each year, which is below the actual number committed. And 80% to 90% of the time, the victim knows the abuser.

If you're accused of molestation, sexual assault or rape, or you think someone has molested, sexually assaulted or raped a loved one-- we will uncover the truth.

If you suspect someone you know has molested, sexually assaulted or raped a loved one, we'll help you establish the facts. There is a strong chance that your loved one will not tell you the truth if they've been sexually assaulted even if you ask them directly. This may be due to shame, a sense of loyalty to, or fear of their abuser. They also may be too young to even know that what they experienced was sexual assault-- only a sense that it was wrong. Our years of experience in asking probing questions will bring everything out into the open.

On the other hand, protecting your reputation is important, because once tainted, it can take years to re-establish. So if you've been accused of molestation, sexual assault or rape, we'll help you prove your innocence, protect your reputation and keep the trust you've earned intact.

In addition to working with private citizens, we also have assisted law enforcement officials by providing polygraph examinations in sexual assault criminal cases. This includes extensive post convicted sex offender training that equips us to understand the nuances of sex crimes and the psychological profile of convicted sex offenders.

Dealing with molestation, sexual assault and rape can be a delicate issue. We handle it professionally, but gently and with sensitivity. And when we are finished, you'll know the truth. All we need is a cooperative examinee. I will explain how a polygraph test works, it's benefits and limitations.