Northern Virginia Pre-Employment & Polygraph Services


Northern Virginia Pre-Employment & Polygraph Services has been in business since 1996 in the Washington Metropolitan area. We provide professional polygraph services to various municipal law enforcement, fire and rescue, social service, child protective and state correctional agencies. Furthermore, we specialize in working with attorneys and their client cases, psychological assessments and treatment issues, fidelity, family conflict, substance abuse, and other private or confidential testing brought to us by professionals and private citizens.

Our goal at Northern Virginia Pre-Employment & Polygraph Services is to provide our clients with professional services that meet or exceed all ethical and confidential standards within the polygraph field today. We pride ourselves on being recommended by law enforcement and prosecutors, and our results are taken into consideration on cases under investigation or if/how the government will proceed or not proceed with criminal or civil cases. Many cases we get involved in are, "he said she said" cases, where little or no evidence for and/or against either party is present, which is why our goal and obligation to every client is to provide them with the most accurate and unbiased examination possible, without any outside influences.

Our staff examiners are educated and licensed professionals within the field of polygraph and have worked within or retired from law enforcement, psychological, and educational related fields, which provide our firm with the diversity to provide services to our clients. In sum, having this diversity, we can choose the best examiner to handle your case, based on his or her prior experiences. Our commitment to our clients has and always will be conducted professionally, with the utmost integrity, honesty and most importantly, treating every client respectfully.

At Northern Virginia Pre-Employment & Polygraph Services, we understand that every individual has experienced the ups and downs of life, which no one is exempt from. It is our responsibility and duty to treat every client like we would want to be treated if faced with the same situation and provide not only professional services, but also a level of personal understanding, and compassion while dealing with their private situations.